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Monday, July 26, 2010

Croquer: LA Street Food Fest Tasting Event

I was nervous. Following my failed attempt just getting into their first event, naturally I was wary about the even more ambitious LA Street Food Fest Summer Tasting Event at the Rose Bowl this past Saturday. It was clear the game had changed, with a very different set up and plan of attack. Giving the benefit of the doubt and with my expectations in check, I can say I had an enjoyable time Saturday, and tasted a belly full of delightful offerings from the myriad of vendors.
I will say straight-away that this is largely dependent on the fact that I was lucky to gain entry an hour and a half before general admission during the VIP and media preview, alongside my friends -and blogger heavyweights- Food Marathon and My Shimoda. With our strategic game plan, we descended onto the finely manicured field to eat the $#!% out of the LASFF!
First stop was the impossible-to-miss booth from downtown start up sweethearts Starry Kitchen. Co-owner Nguyen wore a banana suit and thanked attendees for trying his [tofu] balls (winning him Best Showmanship from the judges, a category they added just for him).
The crispy green tofu balls (coated in a natural green colored rice flake from northern Vietnam) were drizzled with a spicy aioli and tied for the People's Choice Award.
"It's actually the most laborious dish we make," Nguyen said, as volunteers behind him rushed tray after tray from the 4 deep fryers under the stadium. "We've been rolling tofu balls all week!"
Moving down the line, we began snagging samples as quickly as possible and eating them while waiting for the next. An early favorite was a polenta cake with crab, aioli and sprouts from Mo-chica Contemporary Peruvian. Fresh a delicious! The Manila Machine (LA’s First Filipino food truck) presented a tasty Pork Belly and Pineapple Adobo, which was runner up for the fest's Best Nouveau offering. The Huitlacoche (corn smut - a fungus more affectionately refered to as "the Mexican Corn Truffle") taco, above, from Antojitos de la Abuelita had good flavor, but was probably the limpest taco I've ever had!
Tiara Cafe wrapped their brisket in rice noodles, with a nod to post-punk icons DEVO.
LAsian Kitchen represented the exotic cuisines of Indonesia and Malaysia with a 20 spice Sumatra Beef Rendang Roti Roll w/ Sambal.
Our first long wait came at the far end of the first row at Monsieur Egg. The meaty, eggy sandwich was hard to eat and undercooked, but still nicely balanced in flavor thanks to some unexpected sweet onion.
We took a quick break to wait in line for a Singha to quench our thirsts, then jumped back in line for more food!
Sedthee Thai Eatery won me over with their clever corn husk boats holding spicy duck curry (above) and Thai pork sparerib (which took first place for Best Nouveau dish).
Fresh Fries' "peanut butter cup" sweet potato fries.
One truck I had been curious about was Nana Queen's Puddin' and Wings, serving just that - a sauce-slathered wing with a cup of banana pudding with Nilla wafers!
Ever since they opened, I've been dying to get out to Cemitas Y Clayudas Pal Cabron - a Oaxacan sandwich shop from the brilliant folk behind Guelaguetza. The cemita "sliders" and mole tamales were top-notch!
A scrumptious first bite that required noshing down to the finger-licking came in the form of a crispy shrimp taco from Mariscos Jalisco (who won Best in Show and tied with Starry Kitchen for People's Choice).
But I think my favorite savory of the day was actually the Ecuadorean Shrimp Ceviche from the Gastrobus. The levity of popcorn topping crunchy shrimp and onion with tart citrus dressing was just rather.. stunning.
We were getting full, so decided to break from the field and nab a refreshment in the outdoor cocktail lounge. Camarena Tequila had a line growing for their hand shaken spicy strawberry margaritas using Névé luxury ice. We sampled tastes of Camarena shaken with normal ice then with Névé (gourmet barman's ice made from pure mountain glaciers) while we waited, and the flavor difference was actually quite noticeable.
Once the general admission queue began filing in, it was only a matter of time before the field would become fully engorged with hungry diners. We sampled some other tequilas on the upper deck of the stadium and observed the growing crowd as we digested our first round. (Note: Shockingly, while tequila was ever-present, the all-inclusive event did not provide water, so trips to the drinking fountains near the bathrooms outside of the field were required for hydration).
Before I knew it, I was actually growing hungry again - a deceptive hunger based not on need, but from mentally creating "room" for more gluttony! We descended once again from the stands for round two...
A small VIP seating area on the field catered to some familiar faces, among them Mayor Villaraigosa and Border Grill and Street owner (and recent Top Chef Masters favorite) Susan Feniger.
The longest lines seemed to be for Antojitos Carmen and Dogzilla. It became clear we would not be getting to try those two, along with many others.. So we started our second round instead devoted to the sweeter side, beginning with the Mighty Boba Truck's booth.
We made a second stop at Starry Kitchen for their dessert course of Pandan Flan, with a sweet nutty flavor reminiscent of pistachio. Mmm...
Malo's dessert course was a bite-size Tres Leches cakelette.
Not unlike leaving Fantasyland through Cinderella's Castle, we exited the congested field through the central tunnel and wound to the right into Ice Cream Land! Matthew “Mattatouille” Kang greeted us at Scoops Westside booth (where he is managing partner) with a taste of each flavor, the Thai Iced Tea being my favorite.
The most unexpected delight was from Natura, a Oaxacan juice bar and heladeria (also from the Guelaguetza clan, next door to the restaurant’s location on 8th Street). The bold flavors included a pleasing Nuez (walnut), tart Tuna (a cactus fruit I grew up eating!), and the challenging Leche Quemada ("burnt milk").
The creamiest ice cream was easily Sweet Lucie's, with a deluxe Pistachio I will certainly be seeking out again. Their Mint Lemonade sorbet was also very refreshing. An all natural Orange Rosewater popsicle from Pop Art Pops provided a nice mellow break from the more cloying treats.
Possibly my favorite sweet was the rainbow streaked trademark from The Original Hawaiin Style Tropical Shave Ice, air-light snowflakes melting on your tongue with remarkably fresh fruity flavors, not at all syrupy as the bright colors may mislead.
And then of course there's Coolhaus - the cool kids ice cream sandwich truck debuting some highly anticipated new flavor creations just for the fest. The Peanut Butter and Bacon with chocolate chip cookies was relatively tame, subtle in both PB and bacon-inity. The Strawberry and Candied Jalapeno ice cream sandwich was more curious, but left me wishing I had tried the more straight forward Root Beer sandwich.
We missed it, but the winner of the Sweet Tooth award went to the Munchie Machine's S'More sandwich. Not that I could have fit another bite in my belly!
All in all, I did leave full and happy, the beautiful day mellowing into a perfect cool summer evening.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Croquer: Flying Pig

This spring's Silver Lake Jubilee may have been a sleepy alternative to the overcooked Sunset Junction summer cluster-you-know-what, but the Jubilee definitely represented what LA's current mobile food scene has to offer. One newbie to me was the cotton candy pink truck donning a flying pig called.. Flying Pig.
James Seitz's menu transposes Asian and Pacific Rim recipes using Le Cordon Bleu French technique, proffering some tasty results.
First on my list was the braised pork belly with red onion escabeche, pickled sesame cucumber, death sauce on a steamed bao bun - basically a chocomeat bushwhack, reason enough to seek out the pink truck.
Furthering me admiration was the spicy pork taco of marinated pork shoulder with green papaya, black sesame seeds, cilantro cream, and death sauce.
And for dessert the tamarind duck taco - Duck confit with pickled red beets, toasted almonds, radish sprouts, mandarin orange, and tamarind gravy. YUM.

Don't wait for Sunday dim sum, seek out this sucker.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Croquer: LA Street Food Fest 2.0

If there's one event I am more than willing to give a second chance after a decidedly disastrous trial run it's the charmingly determined LA Street Food Fest. Quick to clean up its reputation, the fest isn't waiting until next February to go at it again, rather re-conceptualizing the event July 24 as a festive all-inclusive Summertime tasting fair at Pasadena's world famous Rose Bowl.
The all-inclusive ticket price ($45) benefits St Vincent Meals on Wheels & Woolly School Gardens, and covers all food booths, open bars, live music, and parking. The spacious Rose Bowl should alleviate the overwhelming crowds of the previous event, plus all some 60 vendors (including hot gourmet food trucks, old school carts and stands, celeb chefs and street inspired dishes from LA’s best restaurants) will be out of their trucks in booth tents on the lawn, prepared for the onslaught. Not willing to compromise missing out on your gourmet grilled cheese? A VIP ticket ($65) is available for a full preview hour and VIP parking before the gates open. Get your tickets, this will surely, once again, sell the eff out.

LA Street Food Fest
Saturday July 24, 2010
Rose Bowl
1001 Rose Bowl Drive, Pasadena, CA

Monday, February 15, 2010

Croquer: LA Street Food Fest Overview

I'm not going to be unreasonable, a first time event is difficult - I've been there, gone through it. It's mayhem. For anyone who attempted attending the 1st annual LA Street Food Fest this past Saturday, you may feel a flare of frustration at the very mention. But let's recognize the positive - a LOT of people in LA love and care about street food, a bounty definitely worth celebrating. Also encouraging is the increasing number of Angelenos sharpening their foodie chops and keeping our diverse and exciting culinary scene thriving.
That said, the weekend was not without a few bumps in the road. If there's going to be a 2nd annual Street Food Fest, well, I am sure the organizers have more than enough feedback by this point. And since I didn't actually get IN, here is what I have to represent my experience on Saturday: A slew of text messages from and between friends of mine who also trekked downtown to end up eating... anything but street food.
Bon appetit!

11:16am: Are you going to the Street Food fest? Downtown now, looking for parking...

11:21am: Is it Crazy? Going a little later...

11:37am: We're leaving. It's kind of ridiculous. They just opened the gates. Bad setup. Maybe it'll be better later?

11:38am: Oh man! Thx for the report...

11:46am: OK see you @ 1215. A drink before sounds that much better now. She also said parking was difficult.

12:08pm: just heard from Tim the line is very, very long.

12:19pm: Sorry Traffic is retarded.

12:23pm: i think we should all meet there. i am in bad shape. just took a muscle relaxer, will see how it goes.

12:59pm: Food fest fail. 2 hour line to get in. Off to explore downtown.

1:29pm: Having a difficult day. heard the line is super long... tried to find it anyway got really lost... got into fight with parking lot attendant who held me hostage. currently at olvera street having a marg.

2:05pm: Tried. failed. Dwntwn nightmare.

2:16pm: where r u exactly?

3:18pm: Failed. On Olvera instead. You?

3:20pm: Also failed. At Grand Central market instead.

4:08pm: we ditched the food fest. kept walking around to find brunch. everywhere we went had a 45 minute wait. we walked around for hours. ended up at this little cafe where all i could eat was their smooshed avocado on toast.

4:08pm: though it was pretty good

Did you get in? Get to EAT anything yummy?
Share your texts with ChocoMeat!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Croquer: LA Street Food Fest

Spend this Saturday with all the best of LA's mobile food trucks and street food at the 1st annual LA Street Food Fest!

Sample from dozens of the city's most popular mobile food trucks including The Buttermilk Truck, Grilled Cheese Truck, Sweets Truck, Fresser's, Frysmith, Slice Truck, Flying Pig, Fishlips, Komodo, and many more

Sample dozens of authentic street food delicacies including pambazos from Antojitos de Abuelita, acaraje from Sabor de Bahia, Mama Koh's Korean chicken wings, and much more

Sample street food vendors from East LA's Breed Street scene including Rodolfo's Barbacoa, Hello Lupe's Pancakes, Antojitos Carmen and Nina's Foods

If you can't attend, expect a full report from ChocoMeat!

Saturday, February 13
11:00am - 5:00pm
LA Center Studios
500 S. Beaudry Ave
Entrance on Beaudry Ave. off 6th
Bike Valet Entrance on Bixel off 6th
$5 General Admission