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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Buvare: Parisian Popper

I am intrigued. I read about this curious shooter the Parisian Popper in a recent issue of the Fader. East Village bar Heathers (named after the owner, not the film) put the drink on their menu after a group of French visitors ordered it one night. The drink involves one can of Sofia (bubbly in a can) and a big shot of Patron silver tequila. You pour the Patron shot in a rocks glass, top it off with a sweet blast of Sofia, then slam the glass down against the bar, causing the whole thing to fizz over. Then you shoot the entire glass..
Takes me back to my college days hitting up some sad sports bar for "Thirsty Thursdays" $2.50 Mind Erasers before dancing the evening away at 80's night down the street..
Yes.. Still, I think the Parisian Popper could be a healthy upgrade!
Je bois a votre sante! (I drink to your health!)