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Friday, June 22, 2012

Gala Parfait: Cruising the Cheese Highway

On the Table Set podcast this week, Greg and I get our single on and help Andy brainstorm non-lame ways for parties of one to socialize in today's isolating, media-driven world.

Two words: FOOD PARTY! (duh.)

With interactive subjects like cheese and wine tasting (or even rooftop crustacean cracking), breaking the ice is a breeze. We also get spoiled by a special guest, Barrie Lynn the Cheese Impresario who takes us on a curated cruise down the CHEESE HIGHWAY.

Listen to The Table Set: Single Mingle in the City

And try Barrie Lynn's mouth-watering dessert recommendation below! SUPERCHARGE.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Carnish Culture: Food Party & Dinner With the Band Debut

I've long been a big fan and supporter of Food Party, a fantastical, food-centric handmade wonderland turned IFC Original Comedy series created and hosted by Brooklyn fringe artist Thu Tran and her motley mix of unruly puppets. The comedy’s hallucinatory hijinks will be served in 20 all-new 15-minute episodes, two episodes airing back-to-back during IFC’s Tuesday night AUTOMAT programming block, followed by new episodes of Dinner with the Band.

Some of my college mates have also struck success at IFC with their original series Dinner with the Band, combining culinary delights, musical performances and conversations with select acclaimed indie music artists. In each of the 30-minute episodes, celebrated NYC rock-n-roll chef Sam Mason (Tailor, WD-50), invites a band over to his Brooklyn loft where he teaches them how to add his signature culinary spin to their favorite “on-tour” food.

Food Party and Dinner with the Band debut tomorrow, April 27 at 10:00 pm ET/PT on IFC
Thu Tran of Food Party will be chatting with fans LIVE online during the premiere.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Carnish Culture: Food Party premieres on IFC tonight!

After failed dating experiences, Thu realizes that she is actually in love with herself, and sets out to marry Thu number 2.

Tuesdays at 11:15 pm ET/PT
IFC Channel

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Carnish Culture: Food Party!

I feel like I may have failed as a food blogger for not bringing up FOOD PARTY sooner.. Behold Thu Tran, mastermind behind the Food Party BLOG (AKA your new bizarro food Bible) and host/creator of the cooking show by the same blessed name. Imagine Tim & Eric producing Amy Sedaris' takeover of the Martha Stewart Show in the unseen kitchen of Pee Wee's Playhouse.. and you're part way there. Check out the series trailer below, and read this charming interview with Thu.

Food Party Trailer from Thu Tran on Vimeo.

Watch full episodes on the Food Party channel HERE.
And if you're in New York, keep an eye on Thu's blog for special new episode screening events.

Yes friends, you may never look at food the same ever again..

Photos via Food Party!