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Monday, June 28, 2010

Croquer: The Dim Sum Truck

I may have been on my way to gobble chili and beer all afternoon, but driving through Santa Monica on Sawtelle Saturday morning, a pale yellow truck emblazoned with my favorite weekend words "Dim Sum" caused me to steer curbside.
I didn't have much time and only wanted a sample, so quickly ordered my Dim Sum go-to, a pair of BBQ Pork Buns (one steamed and one baked, please). Now, looking over the menu more closely, next time I'll have to be sure to try the Pan Fried Pork Spare Rib Buns, Lotus Wrapped Sticky Rice, and Peking Duck Tacos...

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Croquer: Flying Pig

This spring's Silver Lake Jubilee may have been a sleepy alternative to the overcooked Sunset Junction summer cluster-you-know-what, but the Jubilee definitely represented what LA's current mobile food scene has to offer. One newbie to me was the cotton candy pink truck donning a flying pig called.. Flying Pig.
James Seitz's menu transposes Asian and Pacific Rim recipes using Le Cordon Bleu French technique, proffering some tasty results.
First on my list was the braised pork belly with red onion escabeche, pickled sesame cucumber, death sauce on a steamed bao bun - basically a chocomeat bushwhack, reason enough to seek out the pink truck.
Furthering me admiration was the spicy pork taco of marinated pork shoulder with green papaya, black sesame seeds, cilantro cream, and death sauce.
And for dessert the tamarind duck taco - Duck confit with pickled red beets, toasted almonds, radish sprouts, mandarin orange, and tamarind gravy. YUM.

Don't wait for Sunday dim sum, seek out this sucker.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Croquer: Dim Sum

It was Sunday. I don't even think I was hungover, I think I was still drunk. The night prior, wine had turned into vodka had turned into beer had turned into this headache. Phone buzzed, it was Cat. Dim sum @ 12 for Norm's bday it said. I replied that I was hungover. She replied me too, it will help. An hour later I was battling the chirpy Sunday tourists in Chinatown for parking, squinting into the sun. Not feeling like a fighter today, I pulled into the first lot I saw and dug for dollars. Angry rainclouds rolled over the hills and I frowned down at my pristine white canvas shoes as I skipped toward Ocean Seafood, running late of course.
I had never done Chinatown dim sum, only Monterey Park, but had heard Ocean Seafood was the way to go for these parts. With a nod to the hostess and up the red carpeted stairs, massive tanks of live sea critters waved their pincers at me. Across the expansive room of roving carts I finally spotted my friends. I collapsed with a sigh and snagged a shrimp, poured some tea, ordered a beer, and said hello...

Gosh. I love dim sum. And I don't go out for it nearly enough. Perhaps because it took a while to return after my traumatic introduction back in Portland many years ago. A very traditional sampling with my Chinese friend's family sent a then-vegetarian me running for the hills. Thankfully I have been turned around, and now crave it regularly - especially BBQ pork buns! On the Lazy Susan when I sat down were some crispy crab-stuffed mushroom caps and oh-so-bad-but-oh-so-good walnut shrimp, with tangy mayonnaisey sauce and candied walnuts. Next we got a few orders of Gao (dumplings) - some rich vegetable dumplings and shrimp and pork shumai. Some piping hot baby bok choy with hoisin rounded out the selection. Before long I was scouting for my BBQ pork Bau.. A nice lady produced an order of the baked buns, which I accepted graciously (though steamed are my favorite - not a fighter today). So good. A few more friends meant a few more orders of shumai. And certain stuffness. It ended up about 20 bucks per person, which seems more than fair for the feast, not to mention enjoyable people-watching, colorful ambiance, and a great view of the roiling clouds over the city. I waved goodbye to the lobsters and somehow managed a craving for a boba tea on the way to the car. Oh, and picked up a $7 Chinatown version of the trendy Japanese donabe clay pot (more to come on that).

747 North Broadway, Chinatown; 213.687.3088