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Monday, December 27, 2010

Croquer: Tartine Bakery

With our Four Barrel Coffees in hand, we continued our stroll through the Mission up to the doorstep of San Francisco heavyweight Tartine Bakery & Cafe. With a line existing for good reason, my eyes scoured the cases, menus and bread themed art covering the walls. I sipped my coffee as the perennial scales weighed - Savory? Or sweet?
I stuttered an order to the man at the counter as I flipped through the Tartine cookbook, already regretting my choice purely out of covetousness.
The orange and cinnamon Morning Bun is a fluffy delicacy, and seems to be a defining item on the bakery's go-to list.
A simple salad, done right. One of the most beautiful sights.
Catherine's open-faced sandwich with mushrooms, vegetables and gruyere was a savory win.
You can't go wrong with creamy sheep cheese, jam, and sliced fruit... and this crusty hot pressed sandwich delivered just that.
My warmed flaky double pain au chocolat may have been simple, but the smooth Valrhona chocolate and buttery encasement made my heart sing. And left little desire for lunch.
Down the street on Valencia we passed the bakery's sister Bar Tartine. They weren't open yet, but the door was ajar and I snuck a peek of the interior. Sexy, with a reputation proceeding it, it's easily top of my list for SF return trip. 

600 Guerrero St. San Francisco, CA 94110; 415.487.2600
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Friday, October 24, 2008

Voyager Bien: Eugene, OR

The other day my mom sent me a Budget Travel survey link to submit what my "Perfect Day In Eugene" would be. After filling it out, I figured what the heck, might as well post my answers on the blog for any prospective visitors..

My Perfect Day
A brisk walk down Pearl Street from my old historic home (Emil Koppe House) hugging Skinner's Butte lands one at my favorite bakery for laid-back morning ambiance, Palace Bakery. If you're on the go though, you can't go wrong with a hazelnut croissant from Eugene City Bakery and a drive-through Dutch Bros. Coffee.
Walking or biking along the Willamette River is a lovely way to bypass downtown (also a great place to pick berries in the summer) to get to the scenic U of O campus where you can visit the redesigned Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art. The 5th Street Market is a Eugene staple for shopping, and if its a Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday be sure to drop by the downtown Farmer's Market for field fresh produce and goods. After the market, hit the Kiva for a great cheese and local artisan bread selection and pack a picnic for a hilltop afternoon on the grass at the wooded Hendrick's Park. Stop for antiques and English tea at Ruthie B's cozy farmhouse (once a bordello for loggers) tucked beside the bridge connecting Springfield and Glenwood.
If you're in the mood for a casual dinner, head straight to veggie haven Pizza Research Institute and get the carefully hand-crafted Chef's Choice pizza, but be prepared to wait. It's worth it. Then bee-line to Sweet Life Pâtisserie for an indulgent vegan dessert. But for a top notch dining experience there is no substitute for Marché Restaurant in the 5th Street Market. Marché is my favorite restaurant on the globe, and has been ever since I left its staff in 2004. Treat yourself to the real slow food experience and see why. My favorite classy after-dinner drink spot "where everybody knows your name" is the cozy Cafe Soriah. These bartendars run the town, and make a darn good Sidecar and too. Don't be surprised if you find yourself drinking Spanish Coffees and Tijuana Speedballs into the wee after-hours. On the flipside, the nuclear hangout for the younger college set is always at the divey Horsehead. If you want to dance, pray it's 80s night and head to John Henry's down the block.
The ONLY place to stay in Eugene is the Campbell House Bed & Breakfast - Across the street from my old house on Skinner's Butte. If you want a second opinion, ask my parents! (Rooms + breakfast from $129. Stellar service!)

A quick best-of, to help us finish up:
The Best Local Shop: Marché Provisions
A Must-see Attraction: The Heceta Head Lighthouse
A Souvenir That Sums It Up: A bottle of King Estate Pinot Noir
The Best Outdoor Option: A day trip to taste the magnificent wines of the Willamette Valley
Great, and Completely Free: Drive the country road along the beautiful McKenzie River
Rub Shoulders With Locals At: Max's Tavern, alleged inspiration for the Simpsons' Moe's

Been to Eugene? Submit your perfect day to Budget Travel here.