Friday, June 3, 2011

Carnish Culture: Nudie Foodies

"YOU should be a Nudie Foodie" was the first thing Linda (Ms. Salty Seattle, to you) said to me upon meeting in a dusky West Hollywood bar. I had seen the tweets, I knew of this brazen charitable meme... and couldn't help but [modestly] oblige.

(A ChocoMeat teaser...)

So who are The Nudie Foodies? It's not a hippie culinary cult - necessarily. But the Nudie Foodies are on a mission to make a difference, the best way we know how. Recipes! And coincidentally, taking off some clothes...
Our mission:
We are the Nudie Foodies. We exist for the sole purpose of bringing cheeky goodness to the world. Our project was borne out of a desire to help the people of Japan recover from the devastation caused by the recent earthquake and subsequent Tsunami.

You can help us help Japan by purchasing a Nudie Foodie book which will be available soon through All profits will be donated to charity committed to the Japan relief effort. Our book features 18 cover model-caliber food bloggers peeling it off for Japan. Each blogger showcases a recipe in the book, and each nudie image features ingredients from those recipes.
TheNudieFoodies.comThe review copy has been recieved, which means an offical book launch is not far off! Follow the Nudie Foodies on TwitterFacebook and at for updates. If you feel so inclined, bear a badge of support for your brave fellow foodies! (Get badges here).

For the sake of all that is good, support your local Nudie Foodie. Only good will come from it... (Trust me).

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