Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Foodbuzz Blogger Fest: Day 1

I have to admit, I'd been waffling on signing up with Foodbuzz for a while. I mean, do I get enough traffic for an ad program to be worthwhile? Do I really want to cast a commercial sheen on my creative outlet? Would I be a lemming because so many blogs I read are featured publishers? Would this even help me get to the "next level"? I'd glanced at the wordy agreement for weeks, fielding several friendly check-in emails from the Foodbuzz editorial team. Then browsing their site one day, something broke the fog: The upcoming Foodbuzz Blogger Festival in San Francisco. The very concept promised more than pennies of revenue, it proved to me that Foodbuzz might actually have a commitment to helping their bloggers network and grow... A bona fide blogger community. Hmm...
With a quill tip to tongue, I sent in the signed agreement, registered for the fest, and booked my flight to the Bay.
I'm sure my positive experience at the IFBC in Seattle earlier this year aided in my whim, along with my desire for a (much overdue) visit to ever lovely San Francisco. And the crisp autumn air in downtown was a bracing welcome kiss indeed. But my luck began (ironically) just after missing the shuttle from Foodbuzz HQ at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel to the opening reception. Serendipity then delivered fellow LA blogger the wind attack (OK so maybe us Angelenos can be a little tardy) who shared a cab with me. By the time we made it to Fort Mason Center we were fast friends!
Steps from pioneering vegetarian institution Greens, Fort Mason's Herbst Pavilion was a beacon against the dark bay, flanked by steaming food trucks; a rather dramatic Foodbuzz welcome.
I won't lie, as an unfortunate phone call about layoffs at my office caused me to miss the shuttle in the first place, I pretty much bee-lined to Bonny Doon's table and sampled their 2009 Ca' del Solo Albarino. Intended to take the edge off, the very drinkable white impressed me more on the palate and realigned my mind - I was here to taste and enjoy!
After a lap around the room, I met back up with @windattack at 4505 Meats' booth where there was no looking pretty munching on their mondo slider of Jalapeno-brined corn meal-crusted pork loin with pickled string beans, onions and coriander aioli on a sesame bun. Crispy chicharrones rounded out the calorie count with a crunchy wallop. Time for a beer!
En route to the San Francisco Brewers Guild booth, we picked up a bowl of Mind Your Tongue's "Viking Gumbo" – A brackish and smoky melange of squid, octopus, zucchini, peas, red peppers and chorizo.
With an easy drinking Thirsty Bear Golden Vanilla ale in hand, @windattack and I lined up at Spencer on the Go! for our first taste of escargot. This truck by Chez Spencer wraps the little sluggards in puff pastry, skewers 'em on a lollipop stick with a douse of herbal jus. With a steamy burn to the roof of my mouth and a buttery brine, I couldn't help but think of my early first tastes of fish n' chips or popcorn shrimp - a rich, distracting entry level treat. But one I'd eat again!
Before returning to the shuttle, @windattack and I perused a neighboring food truck round-up, as if I'd left room for more...
It was my first day in the city and early yet, how could I call it a night? So drinks at the infamous Tongo Room were in order. We toasted to the meeting of old friends (coffeepencilknife) and new (@windattack).
Mai Tais and indoor rainstorms drew our night to an end, with a warm fulfillment that I had done the right thing coming to the fest. Foodbuzz may have delivered some tasty bites tonight (with even more in store tomorrow), but more importantly the sometimes anxious blogger in me for once felt sated.


  1. Great review- Can't wait to read about your upcoming Thanksgiving feast!

  2. I'm feeling a little foodbuzzed again just reading this post!

    Also, me and my "puppy hands" look way too into that escargot lollipop in that picture. heh!