Friday, August 13, 2010

Buvare: Little Dom's Sno Ball

Sometimes you just HAVE to try something, and it will plague your every waking hour until you submit. That was my week after reading about Little Dom's summer offering of alchoholic shaved ice Sno Balls.
Leaving work early today, Cara and I cruised down to our favorite neighborhood joint for a couple of frosty balls. I got the Coconut Cream Sno Ball, shaved ice toasted coconut-infused evaporated milk and a no-nonsense shot of Old New Orleans Cajun Spice Rum on the side.
Cara opted for the Chocolate Sno Ball made with bittersweet Valrhona cocoa powder.
Though a nice idea, and quite tasty, consuming the hardened shaved ice and sidecar of rum in a brimming paper cup was... really a logistical nightmare. The tables on either side of us watched in disinterested awe as we silently fiddled with our balls using tiny plastic spoons, letting out an occasional "oh jeez!"
The woman next to us put it best when she exclaimed "it's really an event!"
The Sno Balls are available loaded up from Little Dom's, or of the virginal variety from Little Dom's Deli next door. Challenge your summer with a cocktail that's also a crowd-winning parlour game.
2128 Hillhurst Ave. Los Feliz; 323.661.0055

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  1. I almost want to bring a flask next time I go shaved ice hunting.