Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Croquer: Sri Siam

"Well you haven't done me wrong.. yet," I told my boss as he drove me and a couple of coworkers into the valley for a destination lunch break at one of NoHo's cult Thai secret spots. "Pressure's on," he grinned, pulling into a tiny strip mall housing a donut shop, 7-11, and Sri Siam Cafe.
The shoebox of a storefront had only one open table which we tucked quickly into whilst plates piled with steaming noodles and huge fragrant slices of fresh pineapple sailed past.
We ordered a table-full of dishes, including the spicy roast duck in red curry (above), with coconut milk, pineapple, fresh tomato, Thai eggplant, basil leaves, and tender duck. This one made me tear up a bit at "medium" heat.
My favorite was the texturely-sensational Crispy Rice Salad - Thai sour sausage mixed with crispy rice, roasted peanut, ginger, and green onion with fresh mint, cilantro and lettuce leaves for wrapping. Crunchy, tart amazingness.
The Pad Kee Mao (flat noodles stir-fried with beef, green chili, and basil leaves) was flavorful, but surpassed slightly by its competition. Finishing off with a Thai iced tea with black pearl tapioca to cleanse the burn, it was easily one of the best Thai meals I've had yet in Southern California. Worth the afternoon trek. And the 'colorful' valley scenery along the way...

12843 Vanowen St. North Hollywood; 818.982.6262
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