Monday, June 28, 2010

Croquer: Free Chili 2010 in review

America may have lost this Saturday (..the first -and last- sports reference on ChocoMeat), but Texas helped ease the pain at Brennan's Pub in Marina del Rey with the Third Annual Free Chili cook-off. What started with a Jameson shot with fellow judge Chris "CJ" Jacobson (a fan favorite from Bravo's Top Chef and chef at Santa Monica's The Yard) ended with a belly full of spicy chili, cold beer, and an all-around rip-roaring good time.
Competition was tough - These folks were NOT messing around!
Free Chili co-founder Matt Brennan flexes his Meat Hammers.
The Chili Cone man.
3rd place winners, second year in a row!
The Captain came in 2nd (his Wisconsin cheddar cornbread was bomb).
Free Chili co-founder Adam Ford and the day's landslide winner, chili champion Nate Ford.
Judge's Table: Chris "CJ" Jacobson, Mackenzie Miller (of the Texas Exes), and myself waxing poetic on our blind tastings.The chili was judged sans accoutrements, a controversial rule the Texans were steadfast on.
The Free Chili 2010 posse. Hey, everyone wins! Well, except for the chili awarded with the "Golden Skidmark" (lowest score)... Those ladies were not stoked!
A happy foodie family. Judges with Free Chili co-founder Aileen Burdock.

Looking forward to Free Chili 4 next year! Perhaps I'll even enter the competition myself...

Photos courtesy of Barbara Bialkowski

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