Sunday, May 16, 2010

Voyager Bien: Disney World Dining part 3

By now you might have noticed that this is basically a Skeptics Guide to Walt Disney World. That given, I have to say, one of the most memorable meals at WDW was definitely the Disney Princess Storybook Dining at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall, part of the Norway Pavilion within Epcot's World Showcase.
The castle-like hall is actually rather dramatic and enchanting. Belle from Beauty and the Beast greeted guests near the door for pictures and a quick chat before being seated by the [yes, really] Norwegian staff.
The menu at Akershus has a good amount of seemingly authentic Norwegian dishes. Even the specialty cocktail list makes a concentrated effort (with only a few concoctions laughably out of place). I ordered the most Norwegian I could, starting with the Fjellbekk (Mountain Stream) cocktail of Aquavit, vodka, Sprite and lime. Bracing as a viking's kiss!
The first course was a salad bar (which immediately worried me), but the vast array of pickled and marinated vegetables, roasted beets, cured meats and white fish were surprisingly Nordic, and delicious.
I ordered the Traditional Kjottkake for my main - Ground beef and pork dumplings with mashed potatoes, asparagus and Lingonberry sauce. This kicked Ikea's Swedish behind in the meatball-n-berries category, with juicy seasoned meat and a comforting gravy. I ate every bite!
The dessert platter was an unmemorable combo of a bittersweet chocolate mousse, flaky puff pastry with mascarpone mousse and fresh berries, and a baffling "Traditional Rice Cream" with strawberry sauce. Irregardless, we were so full, one bite each was plenty. The real treat was the absolute AWE in my niece's eyes getting to meet her idols...
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