Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Super Bon!: Australia's Favorite Cookie

Wow. Bless those Australians. Especially those Australian neighbors who knock on your door to drop off a box of Tim Tams ("Australia's Favorite Cookie") because Grandma sent too many of the addictive morsels from Down Under. Bless!
How to describe the Tim Tam experience? Well, imagine two thin rectangular biscuits sandwiching a creme filling somewhere between that of an Oreo and squishy marshmallow fluff. In the case of my Sweet Surrender Black Forest Delight flavored Tim Tam, the filling also contained a jelly ribbon of dark cherry. The whole sandwich is then covered in sweet chocolate. The sensation of biting into the Tim Tam is what must sell the popular treat, a bona fide texture explosion, first soft like a candy bar, interrupted by a satisfying biscuit crunch that quickly gives in to the squishy creamy filling. Oh heaven!
Saucy (said Australian neighbor) told me the way to eat a Tim Tam is to use it as a sort of straw for coffee or tea, poking a channel with a toothpick (not unlike my saccharine sticky red vines and soda childhood, I suppose). But oh, what a phenomenon this simple sounding method IS. Google Tim Tam and you get a slew of fan-obsessed posts and YouTube videos instructing you exactly how to do a "Tim Tam Slam" (even Natalie Imbruglia is posted instructing Graham Norton how to get the most out of a gooey melty Tim Tam). This video is arguably the most entertaining (slightly embarrassingly) and informative:

Do that, Girl Scout Cookie!


  1. Nathan my Nanna would be so happy to see this post! If only I could get her to understand that the little white arrow is connected to the mouse (no, no calm down Nanna not a real mouse) in her hand (IT'S NOT IN YOUR HAND NANNA. THERE IS NO MOUSE!)Then she could read this herself and leave you a lovely comment. I also can't believe how strictly you are rationing them! I have no self control.

  2. Keen to send your lovely neighbours to Italy for a few weeks? I'm a Kiwi living in Italy and craving tim tams majorly! 1 month down, 11 more to go. lol.