Monday, May 4, 2009

Gala Parfait: Bohemian Night

Spaghetti larded with bacon, plum coffee cake, and potato dumplings so dense you need a knife to eat them; Just a few items replicated in celebration of my beloved great grandmother Blanche and her delicious cooking last week in Tucson by my family for [first annual?] "Bohemian Night". Some even sportively donned "Bohemian" attire (think kitchen witch) for the affair.
Here's what they had:• Grandpa made Pork roasts
• Great aunt Carol made the staple Sauerkraut 'n Sausage
• My mom made Grandma's Coleslaw
• Aunt Alice made her German Potato Salad
• Tom and Maggie tried their hand at Grandma's Famous Dumplings
• My Godmother Suz made her Bohemian Spaghetti
• Aunt Laura made Pigs in Blankets
• My sister Megan made her Coffee Cake (see Houska recipe)
• And cousin Kelsey made Sandies (recipe here)Yum!
Cousin Beth and I are particularly jealous we couldn't partake. But a new cookbook of Grandma's recipes may just be in the works...

Photos by Megan Thompson and Peggy Hazard

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