Wednesday, February 4, 2009

En Vitesse: Quick Bites

To quell some of my writer's anxiety over larger blogpost projects/series (ah hem, Russia) I decided to blast out my IT list for the week.. An amuse-bouche for us bon vivants.

After a few weeks tightly nested in my apartment due to flu and post-holiday debt, I returned to the nightlife this past week with relieving success. One of my first stops was a civilized cocktail at one of downtown LA's newest hidden treasures, the Association (110 e 6th st). Hoping to cater to locals as a "neighborhood pub", this English-style boozer's modest elegance will surely draw the savvy set, with incredibly fresh cocktail ingredients, a killer whiskey/Scotch collection and a buffet of boutique bitters topping the bar. An LA-original, the Brown Derby cocktail (bourbon, benedictine, bitters and flamed orange peel) topped the classics list, while an off-the-menu Elderflower Gimlet refreshed the palate. You won't spot this dwelling passing by though, as there is no signage - Under the neon glow of the newly reopened Cole's marquee keep watch for a stag doorman in front of a heavy black door (an exact replica the 10 Downing Street door - the official residence of the British prime minister in London).

On the topic of drink... A new mixology trend seeping down the West coast (and about time) is the effervescent BEER COCKTAIL. Known previously to me only by my summer favorite the Trailer Trash Margarita, hangover-cure-all the Bloody Beer, and of course Irish Car Bombs.. This movement (examples pair hefeweizen with gin, lime and elderflower; Sapporo with blackberries, vodka and chambord) is taking my guilty pleasure for ale-mixing to a whole new level...

Dinner parties need to come back in a huge way this Spring, OK? This past weekend, my friend and hostess-with-the-mostest Nicolette casually last-minute invited a group over for enchiladas on her patio.. I wasn't expecting the several trays of hand-rolled enchiladas, Spanish rice, handmade tortilla chips and enough delicious fresh salsa to feed a firehouse. As always, she spared no expense to regale a perfect experience (all the way through espresso service). It was the most delightful surprise meal I have had in weeks.

On the town, I once again thoroughly enjoyed my tacos (chicken mole, spicy carnita and carne deshebrada) last night at Loteria Grill's Hollywood Blvd outpost (just go already) and recent brunches at Silverlake favorite Malo (I could drink spicy cucumber "brunch" margaritas with breakfast everyday...) and a fluffy crabcake benedict and mimosa at laid-back posh spot Taste on Melrose. Yes, it tastes good to be back, LA...

Speaking of tasting, Catherine made my mouth water today with this recipe for HOMEMADE OREOS... Enough said.

And finally.. How can I thank Paul enough for passing along this NYTimes article and gut-busting recipe involving, drumroll please.. Woven bacon. I give you, the Internet-famous BBQ'd-pig-overload, the BACON via LATimes and my crappy cellphone

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  1. Hey Nathan, I am loving your blog. Good work! This reminded me of something i read about on one of my regular sites...bacon cups! These look amazing!