Monday, January 9, 2012

Croquer: St. Jack

We hurtled a blockade and ambled down over the train tracks. Given the crisp evening, I was pleased the restaurant was walking distance, but surprised skipping tracks was part of the route. Judah and Brooke have never let me down, and could practically market themselves professional Portland concierges, so I didn't question. On the other side of the train yard we soon hit SE Clinton Street, a familiar stretch lined with family residences, shade trees and bicyclists. A rustic clapboard corner ahead housed our destination, Restaurant St. Jack.

Opened by Canadian chef Aaron Barnett (23Hoyt, Olea) and restaurateur Kurt Huffman of Chefstable, St. Jack embodies the best of a traditional Lyonnaise bouchon (read: with a healthy focus on meat). Alissa Rozos (Bluehour) rounds out the team on the pâtisserie side, making the best canelé in town. We saddled up at the bar bastioned by grandfather candles ready for a taste from one of Portland's rising stars.

The bar program by Kyle Webster distracted me from the Pôts Lyonnais option, traditional 46cl bottles imported from Lyon serving wine direct from the barrel. That said I was pleased with my Baccarat cocktail, an elegant union of bourbon, Carpano Antica, Aperol, Maraska Maraschino, and Regan's No. 6 bitters. Brooke's Guillotine was another killer, with Appleton V/X rum, Cointreau, lemon, housemade grenadine, and Kübler Absinthe.

Judah swears by the Gratin De Macaroni, oven baked with Gruyère, Aged Cheddar, Rogue Blue, Bacon and Shallot. I'm not often swayed toward overly-rich mac 'n cheese, but this dish was extraordinary.

I was seduced by one of the board's specials, Coeur de Boeuf. I hadn't ever eaten beef heart, that I'm aware of, so chanced this classy joint would make me love it. Seared bloody rare and sliced alongside perfectly golden pommes frites and tarragon-thick béarnaise, the lean, flavorful muscle was a carnal delight.

We shared a dessert, settling on the Chocolate Pastis Pot du Crème with carmelized peaches and lacey chocolate wafer. The combination of disparate flavors was intoxicating and unique. A perfect adieu.

After dinner we walked down the street to the Savoy Tavern for a night cap. A cozy neighborhood joint, we ran into friends and enjoyed a late night happy hour scratch Old Fashioned. Oh, how I miss Portland sometimes.

2039 SE Clinton St. Portland, OR 97202; 503.360.1281
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  1. Holy mother of mac 'n cheese that all looks incredible. I'm not a mac fanatic either, but that combo sounds surreal. And that Old Fashioned looks perfectly executed. Can I just come follow you around? ;)

  2. Still need to make it to St. Jacks! Always good to do some RR trax crossing to build up an appetite.

  3. Wow. Looks amazing! Bookmarked for my next PDx trip!

  4. Aww, I need that mac in my belly right now! That was such a great night.

  5. Yes, Laura, you may! ;)
    And I sure could go for some RR hopping and mac 'n cheese w/ you two BWs!

  6. This looks amazing. Someday soon I need to visit Portland!