Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Croquer: Frysmith

In a part of Burbank where lunchtime pleasure is rarely in bloom, my office has finally hit its stride of good luck lately, with regular visits from the Bull Kogi truck and Smokin' Willie's BBQ, mounting today with a lunchtime appearance from the popular Frysmith wagon! After picking my jaw off the sidewalk, I skipped through traffic to gleefully agonize over the oh-so-healthy menu as to what would become my lunch.
It was a tough decision, but the succulent image of the Rajas Fries sold me, and did not disappoint. Shawarma-marinated steak with fire-roasted poblano chiles, caramelized onions and Jack cheese cover the fries, with a healthy dose of chopped cilantro and Sriracha on top. The steak was remarkably well seasoned and grilled - a level I'd expect over greens at a decent cafe, not from a truck. The smoky chiles were a delightful bonus, adding just a touch of supple heat. Good decision, but next time I've got to try the fries with Kimchi and Kurobuta pork belly, onions and cheddar cheese. For this, a small prayer card on my desk will hold vigil for Frysmith's mercurial return to Burbank...
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