Monday, April 5, 2010

Gala Parfait: Babycakes' Sweet Paradise Cake

J. Marie's birthday called for something seriously special. We had already found the perfect piñata, but for the sweetest vegan around I wanted to bake the seriously best cake ever.
No brainer. Babycakes makes the best all-natural, organic and delicious common-allergen-free treats - and it was time to break in my Babycakes cookbook.
I won't lie, finding all of the ingredients for the Sweet Paradise Cake took several stops at natural food shops around town, but the reaction to the cake was worth the fuss. Like a super-charged guilt-free DECADENT strawberry shortcake, our fiesta was capped with a seriously focused silence during dessert. Thanks Babycakes!
For this recipe and many other delectables, pick up the awesome cookbook!

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