Monday, February 15, 2010

Croquer: LA Street Food Fest Overview

I'm not going to be unreasonable, a first time event is difficult - I've been there, gone through it. It's mayhem. For anyone who attempted attending the 1st annual LA Street Food Fest this past Saturday, you may feel a flare of frustration at the very mention. But let's recognize the positive - a LOT of people in LA love and care about street food, a bounty definitely worth celebrating. Also encouraging is the increasing number of Angelenos sharpening their foodie chops and keeping our diverse and exciting culinary scene thriving.
That said, the weekend was not without a few bumps in the road. If there's going to be a 2nd annual Street Food Fest, well, I am sure the organizers have more than enough feedback by this point. And since I didn't actually get IN, here is what I have to represent my experience on Saturday: A slew of text messages from and between friends of mine who also trekked downtown to end up eating... anything but street food.
Bon appetit!

11:16am: Are you going to the Street Food fest? Downtown now, looking for parking...

11:21am: Is it Crazy? Going a little later...

11:37am: We're leaving. It's kind of ridiculous. They just opened the gates. Bad setup. Maybe it'll be better later?

11:38am: Oh man! Thx for the report...

11:46am: OK see you @ 1215. A drink before sounds that much better now. She also said parking was difficult.

12:08pm: just heard from Tim the line is very, very long.

12:19pm: Sorry Traffic is retarded.

12:23pm: i think we should all meet there. i am in bad shape. just took a muscle relaxer, will see how it goes.

12:59pm: Food fest fail. 2 hour line to get in. Off to explore downtown.

1:29pm: Having a difficult day. heard the line is super long... tried to find it anyway got really lost... got into fight with parking lot attendant who held me hostage. currently at olvera street having a marg.

2:05pm: Tried. failed. Dwntwn nightmare.

2:16pm: where r u exactly?

3:18pm: Failed. On Olvera instead. You?

3:20pm: Also failed. At Grand Central market instead.

4:08pm: we ditched the food fest. kept walking around to find brunch. everywhere we went had a 45 minute wait. we walked around for hours. ended up at this little cafe where all i could eat was their smooshed avocado on toast.

4:08pm: though it was pretty good

Did you get in? Get to EAT anything yummy?
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