Sunday, December 20, 2009

Buvare: Nog!

It took one word to make me change by bustling holiday plans the other night and beeline to The Hungry Cat immediately after work. That word was nog. I had read that David Lentz, chef/owner of The Hungry Cat was making his special recipe of spiked eggnog for the holidays, served in house by the glass - or by the bottle to go!
Lentz's nog is smooth and creamy, not at all eggy-thick like store-bought stuff. It is spiked heavily with spiced rum, brandy, and whiskey in every batch. Add a little cinnamon & nutmeg and you have a damn fine holiday treat.

Available for a limited time at The Hungry Cat,
1535 Vine Street, at Sunset Blvd, Hollywood; 323.462.2155

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