Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Croquer: Marlow & Daughters

As if Mark Firth & Andrew Tarlow's South Williamsburg empire wasn't impressive enough, they furthered Marlow & Sons' storefront market approach enlisting their butcher Tom Mylan to open a full service butcher shop and gourmet fromager just a block east of the Marlow/Diner compound, appropriately ordained Marlow & Daughters.
Farm fresh produce sits in fruit boxes out front and small batch canned goods line the white wood box shelves inside. A monochromatic still life of supple artisan cheese wedges and wheels lay comfortably in a cooler case beside fresh sausages and cured meats. Hungry or not, this epicurean Eden will make your mouth water.
It was now Sunday (two days after the rooftop extravaganza) and we had organized a group outing to picnic on Governer's Island. Provisions were needed!
We descended on Marlow & Daughters like starved seabirds, added urgency as we realized our morning lackadaisicalness could risk perhaps, literally, missing the boat.
The cheese was tough to tackle, it all looked and sounded amazing. When in doubt, ask your cheesemonger. We decided to get two contrasting selections from the case, settling on a Twig Farm washed rind soft goats milk "fuzzy wheel" from Vermont (full-flavored and incredible) and an Appalachian cows milk cheese from Meadow Creek Dairy in Virginia (mild and buttery). We also got a parcel of Sopressata tipo Toscano from NYC local Salumeria Bielesse. A fresh baguette, bushel of Gala apples, and a block of Ski Queen Gjetost (a unique brown cheese from Norway with a fudge-like texture and a sweet caramel flavor) and we were out the door, filled 'Diner' canvas market bags on our shoulders (ah, and my one trip souvenir).
We boarded the ferry to Governer's Island at the Southern tip of Manhattan, near the Ellis Island ferry (for complete ferry schedule and details go here). Once we got on the boat we were mere minutes from another world, a little slice of colonial Virginia; Grassy fields, forts, oak trees and military estates. We staked out a spot beside an empty moat and laid out our fodder. Our tasteful guests who joined brought petite wine grapes, almonds, crisp Rielsing, Rosé and Prosecco, and last but certainly not least Dean & Deluca macarons!We ran out of glasses... voila!Toasting to a lovely afternoon!
some photos by brooke


  1. I have raccoon eyes. But I am seriously missing that day.

  2. ok, so did you know that DINER in williamsburg is my favorite brooklyn resto? LOVE LOVE LOVE and LOVE some more.