Monday, August 17, 2009

Croquer: Franken's

I learned about this promising new vegan hot dog cart on my friend Saucy's beautiful blog Cigarettejeans. Like Halloween everyday for Smartdog-loving hipsters, Franken's is a roving 100% vegan spooky-themed hot dog stand "taking plant-based food to the streets" outside of cooler-than-you spots like guerilla drive-ins, Pehrspace and the Smell.
Dressed like a Disneyland goth landing his dream job at a concession cart outside the Haunted Mansion in New Orleans Square, Frankens' b/w striped vendors come armed with a mission statement:
We are a Spooky-Theme Mobile Cuisine. Serving up 100% Plant-Based Gourmet Franks Fresh off our Franken-Stand. Dress them with your choice of trimmings! We carry, Mustard (Regular & Spicy Brown), Ketchup, BBQ, Vegenaise, Hot Sauce, Relish, Jalapenos, Kraut, Diced Onions, Freshed Chopped Cilantro, & Pickles. Hand-Cooked Potato Chips and Baked Goodies! Wash it all down with a selection from our variety of healthy and savory sodas.
I'm down, curious what menu item "the Witch" would taste like!

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Thx for the tip, Saucy!

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  1. DUDE. That witch was so delicious, and I know I am lame for only putting bbq sauce on it but seriously, DELICIOUS!