Sunday, July 5, 2009

Voyager Bien: Slow Club

Following a very late night, my first morning in San Francisco was greeted by a hankering for a BIG bay-style brunch. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and my host knew exactly where we should go.
Just off Potrero in the Central East neighborhood, Slow Club appeared among loft and warehouse buildings like a glittering star, a bustling sidewalk scene and inviting interior.Our waitress was an adorable spunky thing, immediately winning me over with a wink and a glowing smile. She brought us biscuits and jam right away, a lovely brunch detail. I heard amazing things about their Sweet Risotto (raisins, toasted walnuts & maple syrup), but it was a burger and bloody kind of morning for me.Our bloody marys were thick with horseradish and hit the spot. The burger, made with quality Prather Ranch dry aged ground beef was piled with cheddar, greens, a jewel of a tomato, balsamic onions, dijon mustard & aioli on a toasted brioche-like bun, with light and crispy french fries. The presentation may have been standard, but the ingredients made themselves known upon first bite. A tasty, juicy, quality burger!
Slow Club is the kind of relaxed haunt you wish you could take home and keep on your own corner.

2501 Mariposa St. San Francisco, CA 94110; 415.241.9390

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  1. hmm.. this wasn't on my radar during my July 4th SF trip. We went to outerlands for our Sunday brunch... thanks for the tip!