Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Voyager Bien: Medjool Sky Terrace

It was my last day in San Francisco and after a intriguing "fusion" breakfast of a macaroni-corn pancake with fried egg then a leisurely afternoon sunning in Dolores Park, I was off on foot to meet some friends at Medjool's Sky Terrace on Mission. Hardly the hood for a rooftop bar, I wandered past congested storefronts and closed-down theatres looking for a clue proving I wasn't totally lost. Sure enough, among the run-down shops appeared a glossy restaurant entrance, with a side hallway leading to an elevator.
"Penthouse is my guess," I said to the woman looking at the pad of numbered buttons with apprehension. At the top, the elevator opened to sunlight, a crisp breeze and a stunning view of downtown San Francisco beyond a deck full of white-clothed tables. A gorgeous sight.
I spotted my friends, a bottle of sparkling wine being opened as I approached. Perfect timing! We toasted with our glasses of Bortolomiol Prosecco and breathed in the fresh bay air. The table let me know that some noshes were on the way and hoped I didn't mind they went ahead. Seeing the plates the servers brought, I absolutely did not!In front of me was a delightful Spanish cheese plate (with Garrotxa, La Leyenda, Manchego, Pata Cabra, & Idialzabal) with marcona almonds, quince paste and olives. Like colors of the rainbow, there was something for everyone here, and all were delicious.The charcuterie plate was also lovely, with a divine prosciutto and sopressata, salami, a shaved hard Italian cheese (a Piave or Parmigiano Reggiano), olives and toasted baguette.A little later we shared a flight of house made hamburger sliders with caramelized onions and cheddar, which helped mellow the buzz from the second bottle of bubbly.As the sun began to set and the breeze turned chilly, we headed downstairs to Medjool's main bar and had one last drink before departing. Segueing from our current conversation about espresso cocktails, the charming bartender introduced us to Patron XO Café coffee-infused tequila -and Patron Citronge Liqueur- whilst whipping us up a round of flawless espresso cocktails. A perfect cap on an evening... that was not quite over!
But we did bid adieu to Medjool, and the best view in town.

2522 Mission St @ 21st St. San Francisco, CA 94110; 415.550.9055

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