Wednesday, June 10, 2009

En Vitesse: Scratch BLT Competition!

Michael Ruhlman's blog is like.. serious food bloggin', people.
Food world celebrity, cookbook writer and instructional guru, Ruhlman's accomplishments are vast.. And one of his most recent posts on making home-cured pancetta spawned an exciting new contest open to anyone who purely loves to cook: the first BLT From Scratch Summertime Challenge!
Entries will be judged in three categories: best photograph, best overall preparation, and best interpretation of a classic.
The last category requires explanation. An interpretation means playing off the original. To make an overly simplistic example, a BLT salad, lettuce and tomato with a mayo dressing, lardons and croutons made from homemade bread; an Alinea-inspired version might be lettuce ice cream served on a crouton, topped with deep-fried mayo and a caramel bacon sauce, garnished with powdered tomato. The interpretation must include one of each of the main ingredients: homegrown tomato and lettuce, a home-cured meat, some form of mayonnaise or emulsified sauce, and some form of yeast-leavened baked good.
Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free interpretations are welcome! If there are enough, they may warrant their own category.
Submissions will be accepted through Friday, August 28th. Send pix and any notes or recipes to (DO NOT send to the main "contact" email address or it may get lost!) Winners will be announced on Labor Day Weekend. Books of mine will serve as token prizes; internet fame and glory will be byproducts of the real prize. An awesome sandwich you really made yourself.
Time to plant some tomatoes and brainstorm! Enter with me!

Thanks for the tip Joanna!
Pancetta photo by Donna T. Ruhlman via

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