Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Croquer: Rick's Giant Cinnamon Rolls

I really wouldn't call myself a Cinnamon Roll kinda guy.
The cloying smell of Cinnabon in the Tucson Mall growing up made me sick to my stomach. If not the rare guilty pleasure from a cardboard tube, I generally waive every opportunity to indulge in rich gooey cinnalust.
But the moment I saw these giant-sized hunks of glaze-blanketed dough in the bakery case at Rick's Restaurant in Palm Springs last weekend, even I swooned.
I already could tell this place was special, modestly nestled North of the tourist scene on Palm Canyon, a simple sign proclaiming "Quality Food You Can Taste!" Inside, the packed diner tables of both locals and weekenders alike let us know our Innkeeper was in the know (think Vegas' Peppermill). A menu of breakfast and brunch standbys was spiced up with Cuban specialties and a little Mexican flare (tamales and eggs!). Plus, any diner where I can order a café con leche in lieu of burnt drip coffee gets a gold star in my book. I was slightly disappointed that the special of Tostones stuffed with Ropa Vieja, black beans, and plantains(!) was not yet available.. Yet was incredibly impressed with my plan B of Machaca (shredded beef in a Creole sauce scrambled with eggs), served with Caribbean rice, black beans and tortillas. But it was the cinnamon roll the table shared, warmed with a glob of butter that made the meal. So large that it comes with its own steak knife, the most important characteristic we all agreed on about Rick's rolls is that they aren't too sweet. In fact, the moist bread itself is not sweet at all - fluffy and buttery, with ribbons of savory cinnamon spread - it's only the creamy glaze that provides the complimentary zing of sweetness, offset again by the additional melted butter.
Sure, it may not help you keep your poolside desert physique, but it is the perfect post-jacuzzi midnight snack (I know, we got a couple to go)...

Rick's Restaurant
1973 N. Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, CA 92262 (760)416-0090

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