Monday, December 15, 2008

Super Bon!: Mexican Hot Cocoa

Screw gourmet "drinking chocolate"! Ibarra is still my favorite!
Abuelita instant packets are great for lazy evenings (or a as a quick additive to other drink recipes), but cinnamon-spicy Ibarra tablets in the red-and-yellow hexagon-shaped box are the tastiest.
To prepare, use approximately two wedges for each cup of milk or water. Heat the milk until it is near boiling, then blend the milk and chocolate in a blender until the chocolate is completely dissolved, and serve hot. Ibarra can also be prepared on the stove by dissolving the wedges in hot milk, then whisking the cocoa with a wood or wire whisk. In Mexico, in the traditional Aztec and Mayan form, Cayenne pepper is added to make it a spicy chocolate drink.

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