Monday, June 9, 2008

Buvare: Michelada

The first time I saw someone order a Michelada, I must have had a look somewhere between disgust and wonder on my face. It just didn't look right: A salted glass filled with ice, hot sauce Thankfully I'll try [most] anything once and gave it a go. Nowadays, the Mexican drink is one of my favorite summer refreshers.

The origins of the drink, namesake, and even ingredients remain points of contention among Cocktail Historians, some calling it a Cuban drink, others crediting its conception to Mexico's Revolution General Augusto Michel. Some think the name merely comes from the spanish pronunciation of "Michelob", while others think (more understandably) that it comes from "Mi Chela Helada" - My Cold Beer.
Regardless, the drink is shockingly tasty, and here Readers is my version of the debated recipe.

- Squeeze the juice of 1/2 lime into an ice-filled, salt-rimmed glass
- A few dashes of your favorite hot sauce (I use Tapatio)
- Dash of Worcestershire sauce
- Add a pinch of salt
- Pour in your favorite Mexican beer
- Stir, garnish with lime, and enjoy!


  1. hey... wasn't i the one that introduced you to the michalada?

  2. Whoa... seriously? This is good and doesn't cause the worst heartburn of your young life? But if you can enjoy the stuff, I'm all over trying it. Awesome post!

  3. I'll try it, but only if you make it.