Wednesday, May 28, 2008

¡Viva La Roach Coach!

I still remember the exact day I first fell for the Truck. It was an overcast winter day in Eagle Rock several years ago. I walked starving from my friend's home two blocks down the Boulevard to "Gorditas Lupitas", a taco truck she suggested I try. I found a bustling white truck with a wait longer than the valet at Pizzeria Mozza. I could barely make out the faint, peeling menu on the truck's wall so went with the few things I recognized. The nopalito gordita dripping with a spicy red sauce and shedding cabbage like a summer cat was perhaps THE BEST mexi-morsel I have ever enjoyed in the City of Angels. Having sampled LA's taquerias and cantinas extensively and hailing from Tucson, AZ - the Sonoran mexican cuisine capitol o' the West - I have pretty high standards, not to toot my own horn! I knew that day that these trucks were something special, that offered something different than the average bear. And to top it off - It cost me a handful of nickels.

Those who know me well know that I've been spouting about the LA Taco Truck debate for some time now.. The absurd possibility of an LA post "Roach Coach".. One of the very cornerstones of Angeleno culture! It's still unclear how much LA County's ruling will affect our neighborhoods around Los Feliz, Silverlake and Eagle Rock (conflict seems focused further into East LA), however according to the LA Times, despite the ruling against the Truck, the Truck ain't budging!

East L.A. taco truck owners say they'll stay put - LA Times

Roach Coaches Para La Vida!

To learn more about the issues, initiatives, and even buy a t-shirt in support visit

Bon Jour!

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Yes, I have named my blog after a tasty meat sometimes beknownst as chocolate.. If you're reading this, you probably know which I speak of. There's something about the term that always stuck with me.. and now I can create a forum paralleling it to dining, playing, living Los Angeles - and beyond!
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